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A Year In Review - Top 15 Photos Of 2017

It's been a crazy couple months since I dusted off my camera and started shooting cars again.

Here are my favourite photos of 2017.

NSX at IllMotion

GT350R & RS Shoot

GT350 & RS shoot pt. 2

Civic Type R

Lexus RCF at IllMotion

McLaren 570S at McLaren Vancouver

McLaren 650S at Lamborghini Calgary

2018 F150 at Sunrise in YYC

Lamborghini Huracan Peformante unveiling in YYC

RS during sunset

Sunny BMW

Final Special Edition RS during sunset

Early Morning Continental

Lincoln Christmas Lights

Porsche GT3 RS at Cardel Homes Park & Polish.

All photos are taken by me,

I hope you enjoy them!

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