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BOSS F150 - The 750HP Truck

What happens when you strap a supercharger and a magnaflow exhaust on a F150 with a V8? Is it fast? Is it loud?

I now have the answers to these questions you never asked.

The Boss F150 is the brainchild of tuner shop Dale Adams here in Calgary. They specialize in turning your current vehicle into a better looking, faster monster. They will even turn your current GT Mustang into a Shelby (or super snake) with all the dressings to go along.

The BOSS, like the original F150, is still a truck. It can still get you to your work site and help your friend move on the weekend. The only difference that I could tell is it will do all of these things much, much faster. When you put your foot hard down, you're greeted with the sweet sound of a Whipple Supercharger whining from the front end. As the RPMS climb, the Magnaflow exhaust cannot by ignored as it bellows out of the two side pipes.

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