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YYC Food Truck Frenzy - The Car Meet For Foodies

Here at APEX, we love the super car.

A fast, light weight machine that's speed is almost as mind bending as their price tag. Their beauty, unmatched in the automotive world, cause people passing by to suffer from minor whiplash as they snap their necks around trying to get a better view. Even those who don't like cars will appreciate a supercar.

There aren't many other vehicles out there that have this kind of effect on people. I have, however, found a group of slow, heavy, bulky machines that will catch your attention all the same.

The Food Truck.

These trucks range from retired postal service vehicles to re purposed ice cream trucks. They take these old, beat up monsters and transform them into beautiful decorated mobile kitchens that spread as much joy, if not more, than a super car.

Fried chicken, Asian inspired tacos, mini donuts and the best Lemonade you've ever had can be found within meters of each other during these meets.

Don't believe me? Check out the Picnic In The Park this weekend (May 19th and 20th) for over 15 food trucks and activities for the whole family!

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