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Nitrocross | You Have To See It To Believe It

The Utah Motorsport Campus has to be one of the wildest tracks ever designed in Motorsport. Something about a car flying 130+ feet through the air seems so...Unrealistic.

The jump is not an exhibition or proof of concept, its part of the track. Something that is consistently hit every lap. The room for error is exorbitant and these insane drivers take the risk. At any given moment, there can be 3 cars stacked on top of each other because the gap jump goes over a table top which has a tunnel under it.

Nitrocross continues to push the boundaries of what is possible for EV's. The FC1-X is an incredibly capable car and the platform is capable of all types of racing.

The next 2 rounds take place in Phoenix at the Wildhorse Motorsport Park, another impressive track with all the Nitrocross sauce.

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