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Lamborghini Calgary Reveal

Recently, I was fortunate enough to cover the unveiling of a new vehicle by Lamborghini in Calgary.

Excited about what they could be revealing, I walked through the doors of the beautiful building. I was greeted by a hostess who went over the schedule of the evening. While she spoke, I caught a glimpse of what everyone had come out that evening to see. Over her shoulder sat the new Huracan Peformante in all of it's green glory.

Finishing with the hostess I was able to start dissecting the new supercar. Walking around it gives you an appreciation for the detail that has gone into it. Lamborghini has developed a carbon fiber that looks more like an art piece than functional aero. Swirls flow through the various body work making it look closer to marble than light weight carbon. Every detail is created for speed, precision driving and drooling on lookers. For example, the 300+mm carbon ceramic brakes are clearly visible through the 20' Mimas forged rims and a glass panel covers the beautifully crafted V10 allowing you to peer into the powerhouse.

Everything about the new Peformante is stunning. The green paint, the alacantra interior, the lights under the side mirrors that cast the companies logo at your feet when you open the door. It's all been crafted to look and perform above and beyond the current standards of todays supercars.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them.

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