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Subaru - Impreza WRX

It’s vape clouds and gang signs this week on APEX

The auto culture is defined by the stereotypes that surrounds each brand. For each dodge there’s an owner bashing a Ford. For every Honda, there’s a kid screaming VTEC out his window. Subaru has always been defined by the rally pedigree it has gained over the last few decades. Unfortunately, the prestige of owning a road going rally car has gone up in a cloud of vape.

First impressions of the new WRX were not what I had expected. I haven’t spent a lot of time around Subaru’s and the lack of refinement surprised me. The interior seemed to rattle in surround sound, the touch screen was a nightmare to use and everything felt outdated. The seats were not as comfortable or form fitting as many of its competitors, I was worried I wouldn’t get through a solid trial run without giving it back. Sitting in the parking lot, I was desperately looking around trying to find where Subaru gets its fiercely loyal driver base from. I decided there was something I was missing and took off down the road.

The rattle, poorly designed touchscreen and outdated-ness all disappeared from my mind as the WRX sat back and took off. After 5 seconds of driving I realized that the previously mentioned flaws didn’t matter. Gripping the steering wheel and rowing through gears the Impreza kept pulling me forward faster and faster. What little slippage was quickly and effectively sorted out by the WRX’s all-wheel-drive system.

An upgraded 2.0L flat four “boxer engine” for the 2016 year produces 265HP and 258 ft-lb with the aid of a turbo. That, coupled with the superb AWD system is where Subaru finds its niche. With limited aids, the WRX is a driver’s car. It forces you to pay attention to every shift and curve in the road.

Initially, this car worried me. Sitting in the parking lot and yelling at the touch screen was not a good first impression. I quickly realized that sitting in a parking lot was not where this car belonged. It belongs on B-roads that twist and wind. It belongs on weekend rally stages then Monday commutes. It belongs in the hands of a true Petrol Head.

The Subaru Impreza WRX proved me wrong and after my time driving it, I'm 100% okay with that.

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