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I know you're mad, but don't blow a gasket over it

We love some sweet tire smoke just as much as anyone, but when we’re talking white smoke billowing out of the tail pipe, well, that’s no bueno..

For months now, many people, from both sides of the pond, have been complaining of issues with white smoke from the exhaust of their 2015 – 2017 Ford Focus RS’. There have also been reports of lack of in cabin heat and miss fire concerns under load or on cold starts. Problems with vehicles overheating and low coolant have also been documented. Spend some time on any of the major RS forums and these issues are bound to arise in multiple posts. There are also videos on YouTube posted by some not so happy RS owners. You can view one here

It appears that these issues are stemming from problems with the head gasket used on the RS’ 2.3-liter engine. There are a few theories, but the most prevalent is the head gasket used was an incorrect part. You see, the 2.3 liter found in the RS is almost identical to that found in the Mustang. Comparing the cylinder head gaskets between the two motors reveals a single additional hole in the Mustangs, that doesn’t exist in the RS.

This difference is what’s reportedly causing all the issues, including a few reports of major engine failure. Fear not friends, Ford has recently released a fix! A bulletin has been released that will correct the concern, that affects up to a reported 27,000 vehicles globally. A leak down test will be done, followed by a replacement cylinder head gasket and, if necessary, the cylinder head itself.

So guys and gals, if you fortunate enough to own one of these beauties, contact your local Ford dealer and they will gladly get your hot hatch sorted out so you can continue enjoying that sweet tire smoke.

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