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Canadian Grand Prix // In Photos

During Grand Prix weekend, Montreal comes alive. Streets close, super car's reign and the parties rage on through the night.

It's not difficult to see why. You have the most prestigious racing series with the most talented drivers that comes to town once a year. Everyone packs onto the man-made island where Gilles Villeneuve circuit sits, funneling through the ruins of ambitious countries pavilions from Expo 67.

For $150 (CAD) you're able to partake in 3 days of racing insanity. The Porsche and Ferrari Challenge, F1600 and Formula 1 all race on the same weekend, giving you your fill of racing action. The paddocks for Ferrari and Porsche are open to the public so if you're able to tear your eyes away from whats ripping by you on the track, you're able to hang out with drivers, techs and best of all, the cars.

We even ran into Michael Fassbender who races for Ferrari!

If Formula 1 is a bucket list item for you, I suggest heading to Montreal in 2019. The city is beautiful, the parties are unforgettable and the racing is as good as it gets.

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