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Red Bull Outliers - Motocross Madness Downtown Calgary

This past weekend, Calgary was host to the Redbull Outliers race. This was the first ever closed course motocross enduro race within a city center in Canada. Red Bull Outliers saw 4 different classes competing at Eau Claire Market downtown Calgary. More than 100 Professional, Expert, Amature and Veteran riders competed against each other to move onto the second day in Steveville, Alberta. Unfortunately, due to unseasonal snow, the second day was cancelled. Results from day 1 will be used to determine the victor.

The course was divided into several trials. Logs, tires, boulders and concrete barriers became almost unrideable as the snow fell. During the practice rounds the bikes were not cooperating, slipping on every surface they encountered. Fatigue started to set in as the riders took more time between obstacles to ready themselves.

Redbull did an amazing job setting up the course and even with the snow, over 5000 people made their way to Eau Claire Market to watch the madness unfold.

The results are as follows:

We, as a city, are lucky to host this event and in my opinion, we need more of it. I hope redbull will start to consider Calgary for more events in the future! In the meantime, let’s hope they bring this event back next year!

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